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Icecream Katana

Now, how about that cake party?

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I am the James Sunderland (Silent Hill 2) of Livejournal!

I'm IcecreamKatana and this is my journal. Obviously.
I'm a mostly-English half-Italian Univeristy student living and studying in the UK, with a habit for collecting cute toys, games, dvds and basically any rubbish that takes my fancy when I see it in a store. I enjoy survival horror games, disney movies and fizzy drinks with ice-cubes and a straw.
I mainly use this LJ for participating in slash communities, because I roll like that. I tend to slash things that aren't Japanese cartoons, such as Heroes and Red vs. Blue.
I usually draw fanart and occasionally write fanfics, if I like a pairing enough to ruin it with my shoddy writing skills. If you remember seeing something of mine but are having trouble re-finding it try my memories, I try to keep tabs of my Comm. uploads there.
I'm a videogame and movie nut and a massive geek. I have a soft-spot for cute girls and I love exchanging gifts, so art-trades are usually A-OK with me.

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